And on Day 3, the IT people said, “Let there be wifi.” And it was good.

Some of you have been asking where I’ll be serving now, since I will no longer be in Novi Sad, Serbia (though I don’t have the money to change my domain name so, that’s just going to have to stay as is). I can finally give you all the information!

For about 10-ish months, I’ll be serving in Piliscsaba! (Warning: Website in Hungarian.)

It reads: Piliscaba – Garancstető Association

(It’s about 45 minutes north of Budapest, about 30 km, for those of you who don’t want to pull out a map.)

Everything is within walking distance there, which I’m very grateful for. I tried to bike a bit today, and I’ve still got a LOT to learn. Just one glide at a time, right?

So, I have several opportunities to serve this community, all of which sound amazing.

  1. Helping out with the preschool that’ll be right under where my flat is located
  2. Serving in the after-school program for Roma students, that could include tutoring, playing games, cooking, and being in accompaniment with them
  3. Spending time with the people living in the center where individuals with life-long disabilities reside

I was told to think of what I’ll be doing as social work, which, if you know a bit about me and my {grad school} journey, you’ll know that social work is right up my alley! However, nothing is set in concrete yet; they all want to meet me first!

But I’ve been told by a very reliable source (my country coordinator) that I’ll have many opportunities to dance while I’m there. Maybe even learn some traditional Hungarian dances! That would be so awesome.

Also, it’s been about a week since I’ve started Hungarian lessons. It was rough at first…and it’s still a bit rough…but we’ve got each other backs!

Jó napot kivanok! A navem Ana és nő vagyok. Angolul bezélek. Önkéntes vagyok de pszichológus akarok lenni. Amerikában FLoridaban élek de most Magyarországon Piliscában élek. Köszönöm! Egészségedre!

I wish you a good day! My name is Ana and I am a woman. I speak English. I am a volunteer, but I want to be a psychologist. I live in America in Florida but now I live in Hungary in Piliscaba. Thank you! Cheers!

Yep, that was all written in Hungarian. I only used my notebook (a lot) to help me with the spelling and accents. One week down, one to go! Then we’ll be off to continue learning at our sites! Not scary at all….

[As I’m sure some if you’ve noticed, I’ve got a new blog design! I figure new site, new design. Makes sense, right?]


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