Thoughts on Traditions

Something we are called to do as YAGMs during our year is to “Turn judgement into wonder.” Meaning, when something happens in your country or community that is different from what you’re used to, maybe even something that shocks you, rather than immediately turn your nose at it or refuse to participate in it, we should keep an open mind about it and try it.

However, sometimes you learn about something that gives you the shivers. I’ll be honest you guys, I’m trying to keep my mind on the “wonder” aspect of this, but it’s a bit hard.

Tell me what you think:

In Hungary, there is a tradition where, on Easter, the boys sing a little song about a camel walking through the desert, and at the end, they dump water on the girls.

The boys do not have water dumped on them.

Some members of my cohort and I have discussed this tradition, and how nearly every single girl and woman they’ve talked to about it say they hate it. Most of the boys would say it’s funny.

When I asked someone about it personally, she said, and this is a direct quote: “It’s like a scary movie. You like it because you are scared.”

She then went on the tell me that the boys forgot to visit her last year and she was very disappointed; she’d made them cookies.

The mental image I immediately got in my head when she told me this was catcalling. Bare with me, it’ll make sense in a moment. Personally, I hate being catcalled. My female friends hate being catcalled. Women on the Internet writing Tweets, Tumblr posts, and Facebook statuses hate being catcalled. And yet, when you’re walking down the street with your friend and she gets catcalled, but not you, sometimes the thought What’s wrong with me? Am I ugly? enters your mind. It’s heartbreaking and disgusting and enraging and all sorts of other emotions, all at the same time.

Thankfully, today, instead of water, my host brothers sprayed perfume on my head after lunch after singing the camel song. (And if they’d come out with a giant bucket of water, I am completely unashamed to admit that I would’ve noped the heck right on out of there.) I then offered them one of the four Easter eggs I painted, as is also tradition.

So, what do you guys think of this tradition?

Personally, I like the perfume idea. I also think it would be cute to spray the boys with some cologne too, that way we both smell pretty.

Some of the sweets my host family and I ate for lunch today. Yes, they were absolutely delicious!


One thought on “Thoughts on Traditions

  1. I agree with most of the ladies, no dumping of anything on the girls! If they feel they have to sing the song then maybe they should be happy to get a chocolate for their brave effort to sing it! Then the boys can Give the girl a chocolate, a flower, even a smile and a thank you! No dumping!


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