Book Review: Help, Thanks, Wow

Prelude: Prayer 101 “Prayer can be motion and stillness and energy—all at the same time,” (p. 5). While I was reading the prelude of this book, I kept thinking of my university InterVarsity leader Greg Little and what he shared with us one day. He told us how, for Christians, it is much easier to … Continue reading Book Review: Help, Thanks, Wow

The Christmas Gift

For Christmas, I gave my host family a story. A pick-your-own-path type story. It was hard to write, but seeing my host family's faces, especially my host mom's face, when they realized what it was made it all worth it. I share it with you now, but unfortunately, this version does not feature the doodles … Continue reading The Christmas Gift

Bocce Games

(I think I spelled that right.) One of my placement sites is at Fébé/Siló here in Piliscsaba. I have plans for a later post to explain what this institution is and what I do here, so for now, I'll give you the short version: This place houses and employs adults living with disabilities. On Thursday, October … Continue reading Bocce Games